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The Girl, the Mother and the Demons (Flickan, Mamman och Demonerna)
presented by the Embassy of Sweden
Suzanne Osten / Sweden
2016 / 93 minutes / Swedish (with English subtitles) / PG

Somewhere in an apartment a psychotic single mother isolates herself and her 8 year-old daughter, Ti, among garbage and bottles with urine. Here the demons rule. They can walk through walls and closed doors. At least this is what Ti's mother claims. But Ti can neither hear nor see the demons her mother is talking to.

The Girl, the Mother and the Demons is a story about a child’s infinite love and loyalty towards her mother, and how she eventually wins over the invisible demons that controlled her mother's life, and thus her own.

"When I was a child, nobody understood what I was talking about. Very least myself. The background to this story is of my own. I grew up with a mother suffering from schizophrenia. As a child, it helped me to know I was not alone and that there were solutions. But how do you tell this story for children?“ — Suzanne Osten, Director

2017 The Guldbagge Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role

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Living with Schizophrenia
Ask someone on the street and he is likely to associate schizophrenia with violence or having a “split” personality. Or perhaps ask yourself — how much do you know about this mental health disorder? More often than not, it is our limited knowledge on schizophrenia that contributes to the very stigma surrounding the illness.

In this panel discussion, we will focus on the topic of living with schizophrenia. By sharing on the signs and symptoms related to the illness and the common challenges faced by individuals and their family, we hope to create a sense of empathy - where the responsibility of mental health extends beyond the family, into the society. The panel will also highlight key resources available for individuals and caregivers; and how the public can help when chanced upon persons suspected with schizophrenia.

(L-R Anita Kapoor, Dr Lee Kok Wei, Dr Geraldine Tan, Sumaiyah Mohamed)

Anita Kapoor's work as a presenter, speaker and moderator overlaps travel, luxury, human stories and advocacy with a global viewpoint underpinned by equality, generosity and self-awareness. Her 2017 two week stay in an elder care home created a social documentary spearheaded by the Lien Foundation to raise awareness on the system's inadequacies.

Dr Lee Kok Wei is an Associate Consultant of the Early Psychosis Intervention Program (EPIP) at the Institute of Mental Health. He is active in public mental health education efforts, and has been involved in multiple events promoting mental health literacy to the public. His subspeciality interests include Early Psychosis, as well as Geriatric Psychiatry.

Geraldine Tan is registered psychologist, and founder of The Therapy Room. Alongside the traditional therapy techniques, she uses several exciting therapeutic methods like hypnotherapy, play, and colour therapy to help clients with clinical disorders and behavioural issues. She has been featured widely in the media to educate the public about the different disorders.

Sumaiyah Mohamed is a programme coordinator at Club HEAL, and a certified peer support specialist. From her lived experience with schizophrenia and depression, she found a deeper meaning to her life’s purpose, which is to mutually learn from peers and empower each other towards recovery and resilience.

Read more about this panel

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Regardless of your situation - no matter how big or small, please know that there are professionals who will be able to help and support you.

A listening ear is a phone call away: SMHFF's list of mental health helplines

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